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We are pleased to offer local premium aroma brands that are in every aspect the top of the world quality aromas. JUICEDOCTOR warmly recommends homemade!

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    Premium Handcrafted concentrates!


    We proudly present the first Croatian premium brand of e-liquid. All Infamous e-liquids are handcrafted in small batches with verry best ingredients of vape market. USP/food grade flavours


    Journey puts the prefix "super" in front of the word "premium" when it comes to a production line, not just for the quality but also for the multilayer complex aroma of the product.

    The goal is to present superpremium products of exceptional quality to the market. Attention is drawn to absolutely all details and elements related to the manufacturing process itself and do not meet any lower than perfect. Rigorous testing of raw materials, formulas and at the end of the product itself, as well as constant research and improvement of the production process, and resulta are top products.


    Brand MOMOA premiumeliquid was founded in 2011.

    The MOMOA premium sugar flavor contains the best quality and selected ingredients, which make the liquid special for the superior feel of vaping.


    SHAKE is a series of products that originated from the idea that quality and complex aroma can be made at an affordable price. Thus, the SHAKE series is one of the cheapest aromas on the market, but also one of the highest quality. Also the main idea behind the SHAKE series is that all the flavors in that SHAKE series should not be steeped but ready to be used immediately or within a few hours.


    Very complex aromas from AEON (Journey).

  • VAN & DELL

    Van & Del by Infamous Liquids


    Tobacco Flavors Discovery by Journey

  • MR. VAPE

    Croatia’s most loved and well known vaper Mate Ravlic finally brings to the market his long anticipated range of e-liquids.

  • VISIONARY liquids