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By virtue of these Conditions of Sale of Goods, the Medicpro d.o.o. (further seller) defines the terms, rights and obligations of the seller and buyer when purchasing / selling the goods in the entire ordering, payment, shipping, delivery and eventual refunds and complaints of goods or termination of the purchased goods contract via the seller's online store.

All provisions of the Terms of Business together with the complete offer of the items on the seller's web sites, the notices listed in the "Payment Methods", "Delivery" and electronic, web site (from the buyer) sections of the web site and the seller's offer (in the same manner) written prior notice to the customer in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

Buyer means any legal or non-legal person who, in accordance with all the above conditions and instructions, orders at least one product via the Internet, fill out the electronic order form and sends it to the seller, and is not a minor or a partial business person.


We do not sell nicotine solutions to people under the age of 18. By executing the order the buyer confirms that he is not under the age of 18.

Goods are considered to be ordered at a time when a customer chooses goods and confirms the payment method that a seller's internet store allows.

Upon receipt of the order, the seller contacts the customer and verifies the order and status of the buyer, arranges the delivery deadline, terms of delivery and payment method. After the buyer confirms, on the basis of the final seller's offer, orders and makes an agreed payment - the order is considered final and the seller proceeds to deliver the goods in accordance with the agreement.

The final offer of the seller on the basis of which the buyer makes the payment represents the confirmation of the prior notification in the sense of the Consumer Protection Act.

Here is an easy way to order online, and you can always order it by phone call, fax and email.

When you decide to buy an item click on "add to cart" and then select "continue shopping" to add more items

When you are happy with choosing one or more items, after selecting the last one, select "go to cart" or open it by clicking on the link or "shopping cart" in the upper right corner

In the shopping cart you can change quantities, delete or cancel selections, add delivery addresses, choose a delivery method, and pay. By clicking "Make a purchase" go to the next purchase purchase step.

By clicking on "confirm the order" you finish the purchase process and your order is received.

Expect order confirmation by mail or phone.

An order can not be executed unless you are a customer

If somewhere stuck, please call us for help in working hours (8am to 6pm on business day). Our staff will be happy to assist you and send you.

The buyer is obliged to check for each ordered article legality in the country of delivery before executing the order. If for some reason the items is seized by the authorities of the country where the item was sent, we are not obliged to reimburse the cost of the seized items.


The period of delivery of goods is 1-3 working days for the territory of the Republic of Croatia and Slovenia, while for other countries 3-9 working days. For the delivery deadline for goods not in the warehouse, the buyer will be contacted. If the goods requested are not currently in the warehouse, the buyer will be offered equivalent goods, if that is the case.

The seller will deliver the goods to the buyer in accordance with a confirmed order (with his final offer - prior notification confirmation) that he has given to the buyer after the buyer makes the payment.

The buyer becomes the owner of the goods after completing the payment of the goods and the delivery costs, and signs the takeover documents.

Buyer for a Buyer - a legal person can take over from the customer's specified service or individual at the seller's store address. The information that the buyer sends to the seller by e-mail of the service / individual is considered to be the issued power of attorney of the buyer. The authorized service / individual with stamp and signature and by specifying the identification number of the acquirer confirms the take over of the goods at the seller's or carrier's invoice.

The buyer / authorized signatory confirms the quantity of the goods taken, the undamaged packaging and the damage to the product itself, all in accordance with the text on the invoice. If the buyer receives damage or lack of merchandise, contact the seller before signing the invoice and then proceed according to the vendor's instructions.

The buyer, after signing the invoice and / or other shipping document without remarks, fully takes over the risk of possible damage to the product and on that basis can not disclose to the seller any damage subsequently identified unless it is not of such nature that when the product was unpacked, they could not establish normal care . In such a case, the purchaser is obliged to report to the seller without delay and, of course, before the start of the product and within 3 days of receipt of the product.

For goods that the seller sends to the customer service designated by the buyer, the risk of damage and / or defect of the goods, ie not the delivery of the entire consignment, passes on to the buyer at the time of signature of his delivery office that he has taken the goods according to the specification and in the undamaged packaging. The buyer is obligated immediately and without delay to notify the vendor of the lack of delivery, damage or failure to deliver. The seller will provide all possible assistance to the buyer for the realization of his right to claim damages from his engagement delivery service (by submitting the takeover documentation showing the quantity and condition of the goods to be delivered).

If the buyer does not take over the recommended shipment within 7 (seven) days of the takeover date, the shipment will be returned to the seller.

If the buyer has not taken delivery of the goods for no justified reason and it is returned to the seller, the seller reserves the right to charge additional real costs for failure to deliver.

In the case of a justified complaint and in the impossibility of delivering the same item, the seller will offer the customer a substitute product and if the buyer does not accept the seller, the seller will without delay send back the entire amount received that the buyer has paid to the seller to the transaction account.


The seller and the purchaser of the two-way acceptance of the order and bid and payment of the goods wholly by the buyer have concluded a sales contract consisting of the invoice issued by the seller with all statutory elements and these Terms of Sale.

In the event of a disagreement, the seller and the buyer will primarily try to solve the problem by mutual agreement, and if it is not possible to determine the jurisdiction of the court in Varaždin.


Pursuant to Article 72 of the Consumer Protection Act, the customer has the right, without giving reasons for this, unilaterally terminate a contract made out of business premises or a contract concluded within a distance of 14 days.

In the case of a contract of sale, the contract termination period shall begin to run from the date on which the consumer or third party designated by the consumer and not the carrier constitutes the subject matter of the contract.

 Unless a trader has offered the goods that the consumer returns to take over, the consumer must make a refund without delay and no later than 14 days after he has informed the trader of his decision to terminate the contract.

 Before the expiration of the term of one-sided termination of the contract, the consumer is obliged to inform the trader of his decision to terminate the contract by means of a one-off termination contract form or by any other unequivocal statement expressing his will to terminate the contract.

 The consumer must bear only the direct costs of returning the goods unless the trader agrees to bear such costs or if the trader has failed to inform the consumer that he is liable to bear those costs.

In case the buyer returns a product that is not packaged in the original undamaged packaging, the seller will return the customer 80% of the customer's payment to his account. In case the buyer returns the product he has already used, the seller will return the customer 70% of it to his account received customer payments.


A buyer may not seek termination of a contract for goods that is made out of a consumer specification or which is clearly customized to a consumer, sealed goods which, due to health or hygiene reasons, are not eligible for return if it was cleared after delivery.

The buyer can not return the product and / or seek termination of the contract if the product has been damaged or misused, contrary to the manufacturer's instructions, causing functional damage to the product or its destruction.

The buyer can not return the product and request termination if the product is the media on which the software or any electronic games are implemented and the product is not in the original unpacked package. The Buyer can not apply for termination of the contract after the deadline provided for in these Terms of Contract termination.


The seller supplies the buyer with a specific commodity and the manufacturer's or importer's guarantee sheet, which guarantees the correct operation of the device if used in accordance with the instructions and characteristics of the appliance and the time limit for servicing and sales of replacement parts.

If the customer establishes that the product does not function properly, it must immediately notify the vendor who will, without delay, provide the authorized service (in accordance with the warranty conditions) to check the correctness of the appliance and troubleshoot. If the Authorized Service determines a mistake that can not be eliminated or which requires a device on the device that the buyer does not want to accept, the seller will agree with the manufacturer / importer to replace the device with the new one. The transport costs of the device are recognized to the buyer in accordance with the warranty conditions.

Some manufacturers and importers place their guarantee / warranty statements inside the packaging or the product itself which is then stamped or packed with the so-called "blister packaging". For these products, the seller does not certify warranty / warranty sheets prior to delivery of the goods but they are valid upon presentation of the certified customer account received from the seller.

A buyer may submit an unsecured warranty statement to the seller and will be authenticated and returned to the buyer without delay. The buyer must be obliged to keep the warranted warranty plate and the seller's original invoice as he realizes his rights.


The buyer is entitled to refund the goods in the following cases:

- if the goods are delivered that is not ordered

- If goods are delivered that has an error, ie it is incorrect

The refund request must be submitted by the buyer within 14 days of the purchase of the product, after that deadline the terms and conditions agreed upon when issuing the invoice and the warranties the buyer has received during the purchase. The warranty certificate is issued by an authorized distributor and the buyer is responsible for verifying whether it has been certified and correct with the purchased goods and account at the time of the takeover. If a buyer notices that he or she has lost or has not received a warranty card, he or she must report the same within 7 days for the seller to attempt to obtain a copy of the guarantee sheet from the guarantee provider.

Before fulfilling a refund request, the seller must obtain from the Authorized Service that the product is defective or has to be proven in another objectively manner by the authorized entity. Refund only on unsupported documentation, which verifies the malfunction, is unlikely, because it is often the case that the product is not working properly for incorrect handling or handling ignorance.

The items returned by the customer must be complete in the original packaging with all the relevant parts, accessories and documentation. The customer's products are returned to the address: Medicpro d.o.o., Carinarski odvojak 4, 40000 Čakovec.

If the product is correct and there are no defects, but the buyer subsequently concluded that the product does not like it, the buyer has no right to refund or replace the product. This is regulated to protect other consumers and customers who would later get the product used in that case. Eventually, a rebate may be agreed upon the impairment of the product so that it could be sold on the shipment with the indication that it was used. This is only possible if the vendor concludes that the product can be further offered as used without violating the rights of the future buyer and if the buyer agrees with a diminished value to be reimbursed.


Pictures are informative and do not necessarily correspond to actual products.