BATTERY “SONY” MURATA 21700 VTC6A 4000mAh – 30A


Nominal capacity: 4100mAh 0.2C discharge, 2.0V cut
Nominal voltage: 3.6V
Nominal energy: 14.76Wh Capacity(Ah) × Voltage(V)
Charging voltage: 4.20V
Charging current: 4.5A 丨9A Standard丨Rapid
Charging time: 2.5 hours/1.5 hours – Standard/Rapid
Charging method: CC – CV Constant current, constant voltage
Continuous discharge current: 10A/30A – Standard/Maximum
Peak discharge current: 50A – Within a short time
Discharge end voltage: 2.5V Discharge cut-off voltage
Dimensions: 21.35mm丨69.8mm Diameter丨Height
Typical weight: 73g
Charge temperature range: +0 ~ +60°C +50 ~ 110°F
Discharge temperature range: -10 ~ +45°C -4 ~ +140°F
Storage temperature: -10 ~ +45°C Within 3 months

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