BIG MOUTH AROMA Zingy Punch 10 ml

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Looking for a fresh flavour to add to your day? Look no further than Zingy Punch as i has all flavours in one place, such as a cold coconut and juicy carbonated juice with a watermelon. Need some inspiration? Weve assembled some of our favourite orangess, mango and cherries. Dont feel intimidated by this nice spice of lemon, lime red currants and ice cream.

Recommended dosage: 8-15%
Steeping: 3-7 days.

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1 review for BIG MOUTH AROMA Zingy Punch 10 ml

  1. 4 out of 5

    Muzički Kutak D.o.o. Slukić


    limun, mrva naranče, lizaljke, nije preslatko, ima malo kiselkat štih al ne prekiselo, nemoguće odredit okuse, za ljubitelje vočnih, bude full ok

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